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Have Women’s Health Concerns Left You Feeling Confused, Scared and Alone?

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Are you struggling to adapt to fertility concerns, chronic pain or unexpected changes in your reproductive health? Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed about changes in your body that have been brought on by age, injury or chronic illness? Do you feel like you’ve failed in some way or that your reproductive health issues have made you less desirable?

You may experience fatigue, pain, hot flashes, sweating or heavy bleeding, making it hard to stay focused and engaged at work, home and/or with others in your life. Maybe you are dealing with illness or age-related fertility problems, such as menopause, endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and you are having trouble adapting to the changes your body is going through. Or, you might have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or a chronic illness or condition – such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer or uterine cancer – and worry about how it will impact your life. Perhaps you recognize that you could do more to take care of yourself but feel guilty or selfish when you take time away from your partner or family to take care of your own emotional or physical well-being.

Alternately, you may be a survivor of sexual assault and wonder if you will be able to heal from the physical and emotional pain to enter a healthy, satisfying and intimate relationship again. Perhaps you blame yourself for what happened or feel damaged in some irreversible way, and you can’t seem to move past the sense of grief and shame you feel. You might worry about how others would respond if they knew, but you don’t know where you can turn to feel safe, understood and supported. You may be overwhelmed by difficult thoughts and painful or distressing physical symptoms that have left you feeling self-conscious and fearful about what your future holds. Do you wish you could learn to trust and accept yourself and others again? 

Women’s Health Issues Are Natural and Common

Many women struggle to adapt to fertility problems, sexually transmitted diseases and other changes in their reproductive health. There is a stigma in our culture around issues of sex and fertility that can make it difficult to discuss concerns you have about changes in your body or hopes and plans that might not align with traditional expectations about reproduction. Single women who want a child often fear they will be judged for their decision to raise a child by themselves. Others worry that they will make a mistake along the way, perhaps choosing the wrong sperm donor or finding they cannot keep up with the financial costs of caring for a child. You may be considering hormone replacement therapy or in-vitro fertilization (IVF), but have doubts about how to proceed or whether it will work. Alternately, you might find yourself coping with changes in your hormones and feelings of guilt, relationship issues or physical complications from a recent birth, miscarriage or past abortion. You may feel too embarrassed or ashamed to share your experience or communicate your needs openly and authentically, even with a compassionate, nonjudgmental therapist. 

Countless others suffer sexual trauma in the form of abuse, assault or rape. You may need help processing your experience, but feel unsure where you can turn to feel safe and supported. As women, we may be accused of dressing too provocatively, drinking too much or not saying “no” clearly enough, even by close friends. It is easy to internalize a sense that what happened was our fault, even when another part of us knows that isn’t true. Feelings of grief, shame and guilt can make it hard to accept what has happened and find healing. It can be exhausting always thinking about what you will wear, how you will be perceived and how you will feel on a given day. In addition to the emotional and physical toll your experience has had, you may recognize that it is impacting your ability to communicate or connect with your partner, family members or coworkers. You might even be questioning whether you want to enter into another relationship or have children.

Many new moms experience feelings of exhaustion, fatigue and a disconnection from their newborns that can leave them feeling guilty or even “crazy.” Mothers often put incredible pressure on themselves to do too much and “just know” what their newborn needs from them. But there is not one right way to raise a child, and expecting yourself to be perfect can lead to feelings of helplessness and failure. You may be ashamed that you don’t feel happier or more confident as a new mother, and you may not realize how many women are suffering from postpartum depression.  

The truth is that countless women experience these same feelings of shock, confusion and self-doubt, regardless of the form that their reproductive health issues take. I recognize how much courage it takes to seek support when you feel vulnerable, and I have the utmost respect for your situation and your journey toward healing. With reproductive health counseling at Unity Psychological Consulting in New York City, you can learn ways to accept yourself and your body and move forward with your life.

Feel Empowered With Reproductive Health Counseling for Women

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Every woman deals with changes to her reproductive health, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept the pain, discomfort or feelings of helplessness. I can help you manage physical symptoms and process difficult emotions that may be impacting your personal life, career or relationships. We will work together to explore and integrate your body’s experience into your life’s story so that you can develop a new sense of physical, emotional and mental well-being. Instead of feeling defined or controlled by sexual trauma, women’s health issues or the birth of a child, you can learn new tools and skills to adapt to your experience and feel empowered as you foster a healthy relationship with your body. At Unity Psychological Consulting, you can feel safe and supported, find new reserves of strength and work toward positive, lasting change. 

Counseling for women’s health issues – including menopause counseling, pregnancy counseling,  chronic pain counseling and endometriosis support – is an active process that gives a voice to your experience. By learning and practicing mindfulness, you can gain greater awareness of your physical experience and recognize when you may need more guidance.  You can build a healthier, more positive relationship with yourself and your body and feel empowered to seek relationships in which you can share your story and get the acceptance and support you need. 

Together, we can identify the factors that are creating stress so you can take steps to find relief and create personal growth. You can see that your experience doesn’t mean you are weak, only that you are human. Understanding your emotional and physical needs can be a powerful tool when seeking medical help or communicating with your partner or loved ones. We can collaborate to find ways in which you can express yourself clearly, whether you are addressing a chronic health concern with your doctor, seeking specialized support or trying to show your partner how he or she can help meet your needs.

I have been helping women accept themselves and their bodies for 10 years, and I am always in awe of the courage women show in sharing their experience and learning how to care for themselves. I believe that all women are warriors, and there is an inherent strength in sharing your story. With a mindful approach and the support of a compassionate women’s health counselor, you can adapt to changes in your body and feel more balanced, self-assured and empowered so you can live the life that you want.

You may be interested in reproductive health counseling for women but still have questions or concerns…

How will talking about this help? What will you tell me that I don’t already know?

The work we do together during therapy is tailored to your particular needs. You will be able to direct each session, and we will talk about those issues and experiences you feel comfortable sharing in the moment. Together, we can learn how the pains, changes or shifts in your body are impacting you and what you can do to cope with your symptoms and communicate your needs clearly and authentically.

I’m worried I’ll be judged if I share my experience.

It is natural to worry about how you may be seen or judged by your therapist, especially if you have felt judged or blamed in other relationships. I foster a safe, open space where you can feel comfortable, validated and supported as you express what it is you want and need.

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How will therapy help address my physical symptoms?

It can be difficult to focus on long-term healing and growth when you are struggling to manage uncomfortable, painful or distressing physical symptoms. Research has shown that counseling can help you learn to recognize and manage stress that is associated with pain in your body. Through the use of mindfulness techniques, I help you bring awareness to your experience so you can see when pain or discomfort is starting and take steps to reduce the duration and intensity of physical symptoms. 

You Can Feel Secure And Confident

If you are interested in reproductive health counseling for women at Unity Psychological Consulting in New York City, or if you have questions about sexual assault counseling, infertility or other women’s health issues, I invite you to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation by clicking the below button.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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