Fertility Counseling

Are You Dealing With Infertility Concerns?

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Are you worried or anxious about how fertility issues will impact your life or your relationship with your partner? Do you feel like you are disconnected from your body and lack control over your reproductive health? Have uncomfortable or distressing symptoms and emotions left you overwhelmed by a sense of grief, isolation and hopelessness?

You might recognize that concerns about fertility are taking a toll on your ability to engage with work, your loved ones, your partner or yourself but feel too exhausted or helpless to seek guidance and support. Maybe you feel like your body has failed you or that you have failed your body and anticipate judgment and criticism if you ask for help. Feelings of embarrassment or shame can make it difficult to express your needs, hopes and fears to your partner, friends or family members. You might believe you are being selfish for taking care of your needs instead of focusing on your partner or family members. Perhaps you have tried to manage emotional and physical challenges on your own, but your attempts to hide your suffering have left you feeling inauthentic and isolated in your relationships. Or, maybe you have tried fertility therapy, pregnancy counseling, but you don’t feel like you made any lasting progress. Do you wish you could find the resources and support you need to understand and accept yourself and where your body is right now?

Infertility In Women Is Common

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Often, as women, we do not give a voice to our body’s experience. We tend to think that we are being “overly dramatic” or “too sensitive” and that we must push through any symptoms of fertility issues. We may become overly self-critical, believing ourselves to be “weak” or “vulnerable,” when the truth is that our body is trying to communicate important information to us. Fertility challenges and infertility in women are common, and more than six million women have trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant every year. Many women who have suffered miscarriages question whether they want to try getting pregnant again, especially if they are trying in vitro fertilization (IVF), which can be costly and time-consuming. Others may begin considering adoption, egg donors or surrogacy, but want to explore all of their fertility or IVF treatment options first.

Obsessing over what may happen or what might work can lead to feelings of anxiety or depression. You may try to avoid talking about the issue with your partner for fear he or she will become angry or won’t love you anymore. Maybe sex has lost its spontaneity, and you are worried about how the pressure to perform and keep track of your fertility will impact your physical and emotional intimacy. You may have made a choice to focus on your career, but an STD, illness or an age-related fertility concern has left you regretting your decision not to start a family sooner

Fertility problems affect every woman in a different way, and you may not be sure where you can turn for understanding and support. Meeting with a pregnancy counselor or infertility therapist to discuss fertility challenges, including endometriosis support, can be scary and intimidating, and I recognize and value the courage that it takes to share your experience. You are not alone, and you can cope with fertility challenges in a healthy way. Fertility counseling services at Unity Psychological Consulting can help you grieve the loss you have experienced, become reconnected to your body and accept fertility challenges so you can feel engaged and joyful again.

You Can Reconnect With Your Body In Fertility Counseling

During fertility therapy, I facilitate an empathic, compassionate and non-judgmental space where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself openly and genuinely. I provide individual and couples infertility counseling to help you make sense out of changes in or new discoveries about your reproductive health and feel empowered to take control of your body and overall wellness. By learning to manage stress, doubts and troubling physical symptoms, you can develop a sense of balance and control of your life. At Unity, I can collaborate with you to gain the skills, confidence and awareness you need to see that you can take care of yourself and build a healthy relationship with your body.

As a fertility therapist, I take an integrative approach when working with my clients, tailoring our work to build on your unique strengths. Together, we can recognize when the critical voice in your mind is preventing you from being yourself, nurturing yourself or sharing your experience with your partner or close social circle. Fertility therapy can help you learn to communicate authentically with your partner and practice self-compassion. By developing and implementing mindfulness techniques and self-acceptance, you can be present with your thoughts, emotions and body in the moment and find relief from feelings of anxiety, stress, anger and sadness. As you bring awareness to your body and your experience, you can feel empowered to take control of distressing or painful symptoms related to reproductive health issues and chronic illness, such as endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome. We will work together to develop and implement a strategic, concrete self-care plan so you can keep up with daily obligations and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

At Unity Psychological Consulting in New York, I can help you learn to accept yourself and your body. Infertility can be painful and emotional. Together we can work to build a healthy, compassionate relationship with your body and live a fulfilling, enriching life.

You may be interested in meeting with a fertility counselor but still have questions or concerns…

How will I know if fertility therapy is actually helping me?

Many individuals experience a sense of relief and growth when they start working with a fertility therapist – they know they are taking steps to care for themselves. I provide a safe space where we can discuss your emotional and physical needs and how you can communicate those needs to your partner and/or family and friends. You can feel empowered as you gain the skills you need to manage stress, find relief and feel like you are in control of your life.

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What if my partner won’t come in for fertility therapy?

I realize that issues of infertility or trouble getting pregnant affect both you and your partner. If your partner is hesitant or resistant to infertility counseling, you and I can find ways for you to communicate why it is important for you that he or she join you for sessions. Additionally, we can have your partner come in for one session, known as a collateral session, to ask questions and address any concerns they may have.

I’m too embarrassed or ashamed to talk about this with someone I don’t know.

It is common to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when you first begin sharing your experience with an infertility counselor. As a licensed psychologist, I have extensive training and experience supporting individuals and couples as they work through questions and concerns about infertility. Whether you wish to bring in your partner, work in a one-on-one setting or have me collaborate with your gynecologist, I provide nonjudgmental guidance and support where you can feel cared for and secure.

You Can Build A Healthy Relationship With Your Body

If you are interested in fertility counseling services at Unity Psychological Consulting in New York City, or if you have questions about counseling for infertility, I invite you to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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