Mindfulness In The Workplace Training

Is Your Organization Struggling With Low Productivity or Morale?

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Does it seem that your staff members at your company, school or medical office are too overwhelmed or unhappy to keep up with their daily responsibilities? Are stress, test anxiety and everyday distractions preventing your students from staying present and focused on their work? Do your clients seem disconnected from their treatment or unable to communicate their feelings and needs clearly to their doctor, nurse or therapist?  Regardless of your professional field, communication and focus issues can decrease productivity and morale, impacting your ability to meet the needs of the people you serve. You may recognize that your staff, students or clients need new tools and practical techniques to manage stress and engage in their work, but you aren’t sure if mindfulness in the workplace training is right for your organization. Are you looking for a consultant or psychologist who can come into your organization to teach practical techniques and strategies that your staff can use and pass on to your clients or students?

Many Organizations Recognize The Benefits Of Practicing Mindfulness At Work

Almost every organization – from corporations and non-profits to schools and medical offices – is searching for ways to increase productivity and improve relationships among the staff and with clients. Mindfulness classes, or corporate mindfulness training, can help your staff develop tools and awareness they can use to recognize stressors and better focus on their tasks. Doctors, teachers and professionals in all fields deal with stress, conflict and personal pressures. By learning mindfulness activities and how to practice mindfulness at work, staff members can slow down their thoughts when they feel overwhelmed. They can be present for themselves and communicate their needs more clearly. In addition to increasing productivity and staff morale, your staff can learn how to provide the mindfulness techniques they learned to their clients or students as a way to complement the work they are already doing and increase engagement.

Mindfulness training or workshops with Unity Psychological Consulting in New York City can help your organization improve communication and reduce stress so you can foster a more productive, satisfying environment.

Increase Efficiency And Engagement With Mindfulness Training

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Mindfulness has been shown to help individuals slow down and work through thoughts, emotions and tasks more clearly and productively. The tools your team will develop are easy to learn, don’t require any additional materials and promote overall wellness and health for your staff and organization. With mindfulness leadership, you can foster a less stressful, more productive environment as individuals learn to effectively manage challenges and relate to others in the workplace. 

Mindfulness activities, such as breathing exercises, promote physical health as well as emotional wellbeing and productivity. Mindfulness is about learning to be present with your experience, and what works for one staff member may not work for another. I foster a safe, compassionate environment where your staff can feel comfortable and have fun learning about and practicing mindfulness techniques. You and your team may practice a mindful breathing exercise to help manage stress and stay present in the moment. Alternately, you might use mindful coloring or mindful eating as a way to slow down your thinking, increase your awareness, and be present. I help each staff member gain the knowledge and skills they need to incorporate mindfulness activities into their lives and make them their own.

I recognize that many individuals and organizations have questions about how mindfulness works, and I provide concrete research and psychoeducation so your staff can understand why mindfulness is so effective in the workplace. When you take time to practice mindfulness activities and be present with your breath, you trigger the vagus nerve, which helps you clear your thoughts and relax. Additionally, mindfulness activities have been shown to reduce the stress hormone Cortisol, which can cause a variety of serious physical and mental health challenges.

I have provided mindfulness workshops and training in schools and medical centers. I understand that every organization and individual has different goals, and I work with you to tailor the mindfulness workshop to your team’s particular needs. Whether you are trying to increase productivity and efficiency or you are looking for complementary tools you can give your patients, clients or students, mindful work can help reduce stress, increase focus and improve communication.

You may be interested in mindfulness in the workplace training but still have questions or concerns…

I thought mindfulness was unproven.

Mindfulness is a commonly misunderstood practice, and you may not initially associate it with productive, mindful business practices. I understand that your staff may have questions or doubts, and I provide extensive education around mindfulness as well as practical skills. Research has shown that people who incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives and engage in different breathing techniques have better physical and mental health. For example, when we become stressed, we often take and hold shallow breaths, depriving our body of oxygen. However, using mindfulness, we can recognize when this is happening and focus on our breathing as a way to find relief and energy.

Our organization can’t afford a mindfulness workshop.

It can be difficult hiring a consultant and scheduling training when you are concerned about your budget. But, many organizations believe the benefits of mindfulness training are worth the investment. In addition to improving morale and overall wellbeing, your staff will learn tools they can use to increase productivity in the workplace. I tailor the work we do to your organization’s needs – we can schedule a two-hour training or a more extensive three-day workshop.

We tried incorporating mindfulness in the workplace before and it didn’t work.

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There are countless mindfulness resources available to individuals and organizations, and it can be helpful to work with a trained professional who can walk you through how and why mindfulness works. I explain the science and research behind mindfulness activities and help your staff learn how to recognize when they are becoming stressed. By practicing breathing exercises and other mindfulness techniques, individuals can take a step back and process their situation in a healthy way, finding relief in as little as one minute.

You Can Increase Morale And Productivity

With mindfulness training, you can improve staff relationships and give the people you work with the tools they need to feel more confident and engaged. To schedule a training or workshop, or if you have additional questions about incorporating mindfulness at work with Unity Psychological Consulting in New York City, I invite you to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation by clicking the below button. 

I look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Dorazio gave a rich, stimulating talk on the use of mindfulness in the treatment of chronic illness to our medical practice. Her wealth of clinical experience and clear, direct presentation style enlivens the subject matter and makes it relevant to practitioners.  We especially enjoyed the mindfulness exercises that Dr. Dorazio taught us to use with our own patients and which we could translate into our own practice immediately.
— Beth DiBiase, LCSW

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