Mindful Monday! 12/04/2017

It’s MINDFUL MONDAY, and I have some questions for you. Do you find it difficult to slow down? Are you racing from one task to the next without checking in with yourself? Are you noticing that your lifestyle is having an impact on your health, wellness, and how you interact with others? Do you often feel like you are never doing enough? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, I challenge you to practice a mindfulness activity today. You might be thinking to yourself, “I just don’t have time for this!” You might also be thinking that practicing mindfulness involves chanting, lighting incense, and sitting in a circle with other people. While some aspects of mindfulness can take this form, it does not need to be complicated. Here is a practice you can do on your own today. It will only take a few minutes.

Many incredible people who have written about the benefits of mindfulness note that it is important to BE with yourself and the activity you are currently engaging in the moment. For example, how many of you remember what it was like to take a shower this morning? My guess is that while you were showering, you were listing and anticipating all that needed to get done for the day, and probably ended your shower trying to recall whether or not you washed your toes.

Here is my challenge to you today: Take a shower and/or bath and notice the whole experience.

Step One: Notice the temperature of the water and how it feels on your body. Notice shampooing your hair, and ask yourself: “What does this feel like?” “What does it smell like?” 

Step Two: Experience rinsing the soap off of your scalp and off of your body. Ask yourself if this shower felt different from others? 

Step Three: Notice your heart rate. Is it rapid or normal?

Step Four: Be aware of yourself in the moment.

Take the challenge to BE in the moment and notice how your experience shifts. Have a Mindful Monday.

About the Author

Dr. Cristina Dorazio is a New York State licensed psychologist and owner of her private practice, Unity Psychological Consulting, PLLC. She earned her Ph.D. from Columbia University and her specialties include: women’s reproductive health, couples counseling, mindfulness, and career coaching. You can find more information about her practice at: www.unitypsych.org.